Website, Database and Email Hosting

Our hosting is robust and an ideal solution for any type of business that rates this aspect high on their strategic agenda. We offer a full solution which includes various types of mailboxes, dedicated servers or Microsft and Linux shared hosting. We also provide 24/7 telephone support.

New and Existing Business Solutions

If you are starting up a new business and are unsure where to start with regards hosting, then our experienced team can provide free unbiased advice. After speaking with us we gaurantee that you will feel reassured about the positive direction this important objective is going in. We can design a cost effective solution that fits with options to expand as and when is necessary.

Not happy with your current hosting? We can organise the migration of all your hosting services to ours with little or no downtime. Excluding scheduled maintenance we have an average of 99.99% uptime which is reassuring for any type of business both large or small.

Email and Webiste Hosting

We provide various types of mailboxes including free standard and forwarding types. To portray a professional image to your customers we advise that the mailbox you use to converse is at least an advanced type but, even better is Microsoft Exchange which comes with the option of MS Outlook 2013 software. The main differences are alloted space and the facilities the mailbox provides. All mailboxes can be accessed on any device and the web where MS Exchange uses Web Outlook.

The type of web hosting you require is determined by what programming language is going to be used. There are mainly 2 types of programming languages PHP and ASP.Net. PHP is mainly used with Linux servers and ASP.Net Microsoft servers.

Database Hosting

Depending on the type of database to be hosted will determin the server required. You can't host a WordPress site on a Microsoft platform or a ASP .Net C# application on a Linux platform. There are other areas of consideration like the restrictions of shared hosting verses dedicated hosting. Popular databases include MS SQL, MySQL amd MS Access. We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best choice for your requirements.

Hosting Services

  • Email: Forwarding, Standard, Advanced and MS Exchange
  • Databases: MS SQL, MySQL and MS Access
  • Servers: Linux and Microsoft
  • Hosting: Cloud, Virtual and Dedicted Servers
Microsoft ASP.Net PHP MySQL Windows Server Linux Server Microsoft Exhange 2013

Hosting Services
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